Kim Kardashian has gotten a bit more daring with her fashion choices lately. It’s unclear what has been driving this change. Is it just that she’s feeling more confident? Is she doing more hot yoga? But her tastes are changing. I'm not sure the reason behind all that but, at any rate, I think she’s been looking pretty incredible lately.

You and I my friend, are living, not exactly like Kim, but we are living in the interesting times - we're witnessing the end of neo-liberal capitalism while watching adorable Kim. "The living in the interesting times" may be a blessing or a course.

While watching Kim we miss the crooked political system, distorted entertainment industry, false news, and advertisements, phony medical and pharmaceutical industry, dishonest food industry, unbelievable travel and working conditions, constant wars and lost of basic human rights.

At the present, our society is based on dominance and naturally takes the form of Kim Kardashian's ass with only a few at the top and most at the inside. We live in a system based on her hips, breasts, and eyelashes. Her attributes are the omens of our culture.

So we ask how she does it! Kim shows us how yoga keeps people in shape. Her curvy and toned body is the envy of many women. And now she is showing exactly how she keeps her figure looking fabulous and flexible. In beautiful tangerine orange outfit, she performs a series of yoga moves in the backyard of her Los Angeles home.

Lulu has open a special large-size-butt yoga pants line as per Kim's personal desire to wear their products. We love it, we seek Kim's attributes. Kim leads a life of laughter, frivolity, and fun. As her fans, we are led to believe in such life and we don't see the reality of poverty, dissatisfaction, loneliness, and depression.

Just like it is natural for a fox to eat a rabbit, it is so natural for us to compare our life with Kim's. Her laughing face is here spreading the misery for us because we're buying it. But she doesn't see us, her skin is hard, while she is on the other side of the tv screen enjoying in the juices of her reality.