The pandemic killed the yoga studios!

Everything that people love about yoga studios - heated, packed classes, close communities, breath and movement, dedicated attention from teachers... is gone. It is too risky, the breath droplets could spread infection easily during a class so the fear of health concerns alone has shut down yoga studios.

The packed one hour-long classes and the revenue that have been run between $20 and $35 per person is now over. On March 15, 2020, at least in the western world, the yoga studios and wellness centers have been placed in the museum right to the dinosaurs.

Still, the most of yoga studio owners do not believe in the harsh reality. After government declared a state of public emergency over the pandemic yoga studios owners still thinking that is a temporary thing.

They're preparing their studios to pandemic times, as they call it, changing the distance between students in yoga classes, introducing additional time for disinfection of the room, setting up fewer classes, making outdoor yoga classes more often etc.

We’ll have no more hands-on adjustments for the foreseeable future,” said Dennis, a yoga studio owner from Los Angeles. “This is to make sure the students feel incredibly safe, and also for scientific and sanitary reasons. The less direct contact, the less likelihood there is of spreading any potential germs.

When we do reopen, we are going to require that all students bring their own mats and props. To truly sanitize a yoga blanket, it has to be washed in extra hot water and dried on high heat,” said Dennis, adding that mats, blocks and straps would require similar cleaning protocols that just aren’t practical for many studios.

At present, one year into pandemic, the yoga studio owners’re still awaiting guidance from the government and health officials before determining what they’ll do about masks. In the meantime, some have begun preparing for the potential for classes filled with masked yogis... it is just wishful thinking, nothing else.

Did you read a story about Dona Blonde, a yoga studio owner from Calgary, on March 3, 2021, she was sued by her landlord for $87,000 in unpaid rent. She has spent the past 12 months trying desperately to keep her business but she has been receiving nothing but one punch after another.

When yoga studios closed over the lockdowns, people were turned to online yoga classes and that give a raise to online yoga influencers. Adriene Mishler and her Yoga With Adriene, YouTube channel earned serious cash over 2020. Adriene  scored amazing 440 million views and she has 4.3 million subscribers at the beginning of this year. She earned in last year about $3M in cash.

It is unfortunate that yoga owners do not see reality. Life, after pandemic will never return to normal. They should realize we have no pandemic due to virus, actually we have virus for the pandemic.

Social distancing policies implemented this time will never go away, with vaccines or not. Our life is transformed forever. Video conferencing have  seemingly overnight, become a trend that will endure when lockdowns are lifted.

Life goes on without yoga studios. Look at the recent data from Lululemon's Q4 revenue. It surges by 24% to reach $1.7 billion on strong sales. "Our continued growth demonstrates the strength of Lululemon — before, during and as the pandemic subsides," stated CEO Calvin McDonald. "We are still in the early innings of our growth, fuelled by exciting innovations that create even more opportunity into the future."

And what is that future? It is the life without yoga studios and wellness centers. The world of new normal virtual state.