Dear Yoga Teachers,

"I" must go - that is the price every yogi must pay. Yoga should not be practiced with attention to physical body. Yoga postures are nothing but play of life-energy where attention goes to no-attention. There is no entity who practice yoga, that is to be realized.

Daily practice of yoga is felt to be difficult because of inadequate understanding of the practice. 

First, laziness must be removed in relation to the practice. It is a constant fight with your interests. 

Second, yogi should give up the habits that feed body consciousness. The practice should be quiet and uninteresting endeavor without pride in asana accomplishments. Just like meditation, the yoga asana practice should be secret undertakings.

Yoga asanas should be utilized in order to gain knowledge of your mind. You need to understand the mind. The first thing you notice while breathing five breaths in any posture is that your consciousness has a static aspect or so called "I am" sense (or the sense of presence) and a moving aspect which is life-force. The language of the life-force is the mind.

After practice, after shavasana, don't just jump and go to take shower. Sit in meditation, at least 15 minutes and gradually increase that period. You should just sit, do not meditate on anything, don't hold onto anything, be in a natural state, effortlessly.

You will notice that the nature of the mind is a constant stream of thoughts which is just imagination. It repeats past and projects to the future saying "what-if". Your actions are based on such projections and expectations. You have to see it in yourself. Understand your mind.

How you know you exist? How you know yourself? See clearly that all comes down to "I am" sense. Investigate that. That sense is completely filling entire universe and it is base of your visible world, dreams and deep sleep. Be "I am" and observe it.

At one point you will understand that you are not "I Am" sense. Just like any other mind's imagination the "I Am" sens is also imagination, caused by a constant hissing of the visible world. It is represented by a snake around Shiva's neck.

Stop trying to know Reality by any means or mental attitude. Do not try to search for it by mind you will just end up in nothingness or void-consciousness, totally confused. This is a miracle to be experienced. Reality cannot be achieved by any kind of means, it is always existing and it is realized when "you" who is trying to understand is dead.

Leave you efforts to bring Reality to the level of experiencing. Leave knowing and not-knowing, just "be". To be is the nature of your Self. It is mind's imagination to imagine about "Abode of Gods", Heaven, etc... The mind cannot imagine Self, if tries to do that, it ends.

So, stop all mental acrobatics and just be. Sit peacefully, observing both, the mind and the "I am" sense. There is nothing to be "known". To know something is to have experience and that something "other" than yourself.

Your life is without any trouble. Your world is without a lot of hard work to construct or destroy. It is your power to do that and you're doing every singe morning when you wake up. It is the power of your "I amness" that you're getting the experience of the world. However, as long as you're not convinced about it, your mind will spin one imagination after another, it will never go to the rest.

What are you? You are nothing. "I", "you", "me" with "mine" is bondage. It is this sense of "me" that must disappear. Reality lies in the conviction about your Self. Complete certainty is freedom. To know your Self is liberation.

When you awaken to your Real Nature all fear is gone. Awakening means that there is no fear for anything or anyone.