My ashtanga practice helps me to develop the body and mind bringing me a lot of health benefits. Yooohoo, it looks like I am getting younger. 😉I went to the yoga studio for about 6 years, I am not going anymore. 

It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher for some time before you can start your home practice.

Practicing yoga alone, true, it gets boring after a while you simply become lazy. So when I have no motivation I try doing it with Sharat's DVD and I see the difference! Sharat's Primary Series DVD  is a great thing for the motivation.

I like the video. Sharath does not speak about opening and expanding rib cages. I was not instructed to ground myself. He did not ask me to feel the energy of the earth. He didn’t speak about happiness and well being of all living creatures. He did not assure me that I should seek universal love. I wasn't told to pursue any bliss. In fact, he just counted the breaths and called the names of the poses.

My Daily Yoga Practice

1. Early morning yoga practice

Practicing yoga in the morning is generally considered to be the best as it keeps energy levels high during the day. I start at 7 AM for 45 minutes I do half primary ashtanga yoga,

2. Comfortable place

I do not have a separate room in my apartment for daily yoga practice. However, I do have enough room in the middle of my living area.

3. Strength before doing yoga

This is an absolute must, else I may be at risk of straining my muscles. I start by warming my body with push-ups and I do a few sets of stomach crunches. Then I do exercises for the arms, biceps etc. So first strength exercises for about 10 minutes and then sun salutation.

4. Consistency

Well, this is the point. It is very important to be regular with yoga practice – make it a part of my daily schedule. Thirty minutes of daily yoga practice is more likely to show positive results sooner than two hours of occasional practice.

The Sitting Twist - Marichyasana C

The ultimate pose for a measure of the belly fat is yoga pose Marichyasana C. If you have a large belly you simply cannot do this pose. And I cannot do it right now. I have 92 kg and I need to slim down 3 kg. So next month, maybe I will be able to do it.

It is important for spinal health for it keeps the spine flexible and brings fresh blood to the spinal nerves. Twisting also has an effect on the abdominal, alternately stretching and contracting it as you twist one way and then the other.  I have a long torso and long arms, and this pose should be easy for me but I have this belly fat. In 2006 I did the pose without any difficulties/

Now, is there any other motivation for my practice? I have a goal. I know that sounds bad, a goal for yoga but you have to have something to strive for. My goal is to do full primary series of ashtanga yoga again, at least once a week. The full primary is very hard thing to do if you are 50 something.

For now, I do Marichyasana C with a "stop sign". Oh well...

 I remember to smile. 😄