An Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
to lead the Mysore practice

We are looking for an Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, (authorized by Sharath's himself) with at least 10 years experience practicing Ashtanga Yoga, who doesn’t mind teaching 4 hours in the early morning. The ideal candidate is the one who is working on their continuing "ashtanga" education. The candidate must be a gentle but firm, with the heart and soul, the one who love people and it is truly committed, dedicated and humble. We pay $3.99 per head, eg. per number of practitioners who show up in Mysore room.

This was the situation in yoga business before this lockdown started. If you're qualified, you don't need to apply. I just want to show how difficult is to be yoga teacher in today's yoga market.

There are two paths in human life. One is the path of liberation, the second is the path of rebirth. It is so rare that one comes upon the path of liberation. The world does everything to cover the path of Knowledge.

If you are unfamiliar with how to become an Authorized Ashtanga Teacher you should know that you need to practice, practice and practice more. Somewhere around 10 to 15 years in most cases. You have to make multiple trips to KPJAYI in Mysore so that Sharath can remember you.

Actually, at present time I have no clue how to get authorization. The KPJAYI is no more, Sharaswati is giving lectures there while big boss has left the place and opened his wellness center...

When the boss feels good, at some unknown day, at some unknown point, he may grant you Authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga. There’s Authorization Level I which means you can teach Primary Series and there is Authorization Level II which means you can teach both the Primary and Intermediate Series. Don't bother about level 2, most people in western world can work only on primary series.

Once you became the authorized teacher your name appears on the Sharath's list on his website. In order to stay there, you need to maintain a yoga room or shala to allow for daily, preferably morning, Mysore-style practice and you should honor tradition of Ashtanga Yoga, and of course you should continue going to Mysore, India for continuing study with the boss.

For some, the practice of ashtanga yoga is a spiritual calling for others it is just an exercise routine but for Authorized Ashtanga Teachers it is a lifestyle choice. They do not like referring their professional teaching of ashtanga yoga as a yoga job, but it is what it is, a job. It’s just a job that happens not to pay very well.

Do your practice and all is coming taken out of context can lead to unhappiness, it can lead to injury and the bankruptcy. Practicing without mindfulness does not count, really, our body takes the path of least resistance so injuries come. Being an ashtanga authorized teacher without a detailed business plan of teaching yoga will make you just overstretched and underpaid.

Yogis have in them a sense of pride of being yogis, excellent performers of various yoga postures. They are not able to lose their identification with physical body. They have a strange notions of sin in eating and drinking. I don't follow such path! I use yoga practice to break ties with the body.

At the end of the day, the technical aspects of Primary Series are not enough. You cannot maintain dissent financial life doing a fancy Bhujapidasana, no matter how perfect it is. It’s just not gonna happen. You have to explore the psyche of your customers. And asana in that regard is a very limited.

Asana is just a stepping stone. At some point, you have to make decision are you going to work on your own practice or you want to be paid for your knowledge. You have to make a choice. That requires a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings. Good luck.